I have a Samsung Galaxy S. I am getting a "Low on space - Internal phone storage is getting low" error.

When I go to Manage Applications it shows the internal memory as 1.9GB used, 6.0 MB Free. When I click "On SD Card" it shows "USB Storage 681 MB Used, 13 GB Free". There is no external SD card in the device.

When I select an app and click "Move to SD Card" it just returns the following error:

Failed to move application. Not enough memory.

Is there any way I can move the apps to the internal USB memory?

Update: I've reset the phone to factory settings so no longer get the error about space getting low and internal storage is almost empty. I've installed a couple of apps and still get the same error when I try migrate them to USB storage.


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Sounds like you need to clean up your internal memory first before you can do anything. There's three ways I can suggest to free some up:

  1. Clean out your app caches to free up space (browsers and maps are usually the worst offenders): you can use an app like SD Maid (it's tiny, you should be able to install it) or by going into the application management section (Settings->Applications->Manage Applications->All, then click on an app name) and manually clearing out app data for hogs like Google Maps and the like using the Clear cache button (note: don't clear the app data! just the cache).
  2. Uninstall some apps, then reinstall them after you've moved other apps to the SD card.
  3. Root your phone and uninstall bloatware / system apps you don't use with an app like Titanium Backup (make sure you back up the apps first in case you need them later). Note: this will keep your phone from being able to install carrier Android updates in the future.

Android is usually pretty good about auto-installing apps to non-system storage when possible. Does your version have an option to prefer installing to SD set?

  • Thanks Logos. All good advice but see my update above. It doesn't seem to be related to the internal memory being full. I'm on stock and haven't found an option to auto install to SD.
    – sickgemini
    Jun 26, 2012 at 23:54

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