I live in an area without any high-speed internet access. Currently, I am using a cell phone hotspot connected through a wireless-to-wired bridge to my home wired/wireless networks. I would like to increase my bandwidth using multiple cell services/hotspots and have not found the complete answer.

I have a TP-Link ER605 and am able to hook a cellphone directly to the USB WAN port on that device and it works to provide Internet service. I am attempting to connect a second cellphone to an RJ45 WAN port on the ER605 using a USB-to-Ethernet adapter, but have not found any combination that allows the 'USB Tethering' option to be enabled.

I have the following phones:

  • TCL 30 XL (Android 12)
  • Moto X4 (Android 9)

Both of these devices work to provide Internet service when directly connected to the ER605 with a standard USB cable.

I have tried two USB to Ethernet Adapters:

Neither of these adapters enables the USB Tethering option, either plugged into an ER605 port or to a port on a Windows machine.

What are the cellphone/adapter requirements needed to support this configuration?

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This would be the requirements:

  • USB-OTG Support on the smartphone (my experience across phones is the lower the price, the less likely is the feature range of USB-OTG support)
  • Android newer than version 11, this is when the feature was introduced officially in software

This question on Superuser Android USB Tethering to Router provides two examples from users, who reported them to work:

  • Sitecom CN-378 usb-c ethernet adapter
  • Cable Matters USB-C multiport adapter

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