In this case I'm looking to restore SMS messages from Titanium.

I have made a backup of all SMS. Then I started on a new ROM without restoring SMS. I then made a new backup of the current SMS.

Is it possible to combine those two separate backups so that when I restore I will get my SMS from both backups?

As I understand, if I restore one backup, then I restore another backup it will not combine them but rather write one over the other.

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This is more like a manual job, but can be done.

With Titanium Backup PRO/Donate version, you have this feature (compare versions here):

Backup/restore SMS, MMS, call log, bookmarks and Wi-Fi networks in the portable XML format!

You can combine both SMS backups into a single XML file format and restore it to your phone all in one. Afterwards, perform a backup like you usually do, to have it all together.

Ps: Will probably require you to go back and forward, but here's a guide:

  1. Backup to XML the existent SMS on your device;
  2. Restore the old SMS to the device;
  3. backup the old SMS to XML;
  4. Edit both XML files to merge them;
  5. Restore all back to your device.

You can refer to Titanium Backup website to collect more information or to request support from the developers.

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