I forgot the USB cable and I have some files on the Mac that I would like to transfer to my nexus 7. Is it possible to do this via bluetooth? Is there an app that can do this?


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Provided both the Android handset and your Mac share a common wifi connection (same AP that allows client-to-client connections):

Install an FTP server or a webserver app that allows uploading:

For example Airdroid. It allows file-uploading via drag&drop even. You'll find your uploaded files in airdroid/upload in the SDcard folder.


It's not Bluetooth, but try my Open Source project cross copy for inter-device copy and paste:

  1. browse to http://cross-copy.net on both devices
  2. choose the same code word to establish a connection between the devices
  3. upload the files on the Mac
  4. a download link for each file will appear on the page of the Nexus 7

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