I have a Droid which was running fine with Cyanogen Mod 6.0. I travelled for a week out of service range, and since I returned it's been both hanging (no response to user input) and spontaneously restarting.

I'm suspicious that an app update is causing this, but I don't know how to diagnose it. Is there a way to diagnose this?


I ended up spotting the offending program via Battery usage. There was one app that was showing a lot of battery use even though I wasn't doing anything with it (NewsRob). I killed that and everything's been fine since.

  • What do you use to see the detailed battery usage? On my SGS the battery usage doesn't break it down by app. – Nathan Fellman Jun 6 '11 at 8:18

I would check Settings --> Applications --> Running Services first.

See anything there that looks rogue? Consuming a lot of memory or the process seems hung up?

  • Thanks, that's a good place to look, but in my case nothing jumped out. Battery usage showed the problem. – Jon Galloway Nov 29 '10 at 8:45

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