I have a calendar containing only regularly recuring dates. I would like to hide this calendar or these dates from the ordinary Google calendar app and the Google calendar widget.

The reminder notifications of these dates should not be disabled.

I activated synchronization in the Google calendar app and deactivated the display calender. Now the dates do are not being displayed, neither in the app nor in the widget, but I either do not receive the reminder notifications.

P.S. What is the difference between those two settings?

  • Note that this might be a fundamental problem. Even if I just hide a calendar on the desktop browser version of Google Calendar (by unchecking it in the side bar, not by unchecking "SHOW IN LIST" in calendar settings), I stop receiving notifications for all events on that calendar, weather on mobile or desktop. This doesn't seem to be universal behavior. – Jess Riedel Jun 7 '16 at 23:05
  • Seriously? 3 years later, we're running Android 6 now and there's still no way to do this? That seems incredibly silly! – kLy Jun 24 '16 at 7:03
  • Strongly agree on how silly this is What it's worth, I followed this this suggestion from Reddit to use Google Keep. Inelegant, but it gets the job done. – Jess Riedel Jun 29 '17 at 17:21

The easiest way to achieve this is to install a 3rd party calendar app which uses the Google calendar backend, and tell that app to not show that specific calendar, while leaving it enabled in the default Google calendar app (aCalendar would be a good and relatively light-weight choice here). As the Google calendar is responsible for the alerts, you still would get them (and the corresponding notifications), while its content wouldn't disturb you working with the 3rd party app. I do something similar, and use the mentioned app, so I really can recommend it.

To the detail question: Synchronization is what the name suggests: updating changes made on either side (for a disabled calendar, obviously only in one direction). It's probably separated from (de)activating a calendar so you can activate it up-to-date even when having no network connection -- just my guess, but that would make sense.


An imperfect solution is to use Google Keep (following this suggestion on Reddit).

This means you can't, as I desire, look at Google Calendar and toggle the reminders briefly visible. For that, you could try sharing the reminders-specific calendar with a different Google account and then syncing that account with a 3rd party Calendar app that handles reminders (while still keeping the Google Calendar Android app synced with your main Google account, where the reminders-specific calendar is hidden).

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