I just bought a android Jelly Bean phone and I use straight talk, I still have a active Sim card, but the phone won't let me get to set the Apn. When I press on settings for the Apn I doesn't go there. Is there another way to get there to set the APN? Please help. Thank you

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    Do you get to the list of APNs? Maybe a screenshot indicating what you are trying might help. – MrWhite Apr 22 '13 at 0:39

I agree that it was a little misleading / not-leading to anywhere. With the following steps Jelly Bean (v4.1.2) let me go set a new APN with Samsung Galaxy S 4G Relay:

  1. Settings --> may need to press More settings --> Mobile Networks --> Access Point Names
  2. Press the "button that leads to setting page" (sorry I don't know how to call this button. On my device it's one of the three main hardware buttons where the others are "Back", "Home"). There you'll see New APN and Reset Default.

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