I have Win 7 Pro on my home desktop and a 4.1.1 OS Samsung S3 phone. Is there a simple tool or something I can use to move around and transfer files directly from my desktop to the internal drive on my Android phone? It would be good if I can stream videos to my phone too. I have no knowledge of how to setup ports etc. too so something simple.

Edit: I need to fransfer files that are like 700MB. Desktop is in another city so wifi won't do. And, I need to be able to set it up on the desktop by just a simple software download because someone else who is not conputer savvy has to setup the desktop while I do my Android.


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To transfer files you can try AirDroid. But it is free only when the device are on the same wifi network. Access via mobile data is limited to 100 MB/Month.

For video streaming, you can try Emit. The free version puts ads on your stream and you can stream to your phone even when not on the same network, but you'll need to mess a bit with ports.

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