Hard to believe this is the first Kitkat installation question, but I don't find any. Sorry if it's a dupe!

I feel like I'm too stupid to follow directions, but can you guys help me out here -- what am I doing wrong: I want to update my Nexus 4 from stock 4.2.2 ROM to the new 4.4 following these instructions. Note that the phone is rooted and runs Clockworkmod - I'm guessing this causes my problems but I need help to fix that.

I've got the downloads extracted and added the path to the bootloader so I can run the commands. But at the step that says Reboot into the bootloader and run the appropriate flash-all script it just says waiting for device forever.

The phone is in bootloader mode, but it's running Clockworkmod so I am guessing this is the problem?

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The trouble I encountered was that the fastboot program could not find my phone even though it was in bootloader mode. The solution was to run fastboot as sudo, but then the problem changed to be that sudo didn’t have the path to fastboot so I needed to give the explicit path to that as well: sudo ./fastboot devices worked (when I was in the directory android-sdk-linux/platform-tools). So I figured that I needed to change two things in the setup instructions:

  1. run fastboot as sudo, and
  2. add explicit paths in the flash script.

I've written a blog post that gives step-by-step instructions if anyone else needs this:
How to update your Nexus 4 to Android 4.4

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