How can I install a sshd server (with scp support) on Android without relying on Google Play Store for my safety?

Rooting the device or compiling the application is not a problem, but so far I'm unable to find proper instructions. I don't need a GUI either, some kind of on/off switch would be nice tho, but that's not required.

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As you already figured out, there's SSHelper hosting its own .apk. But you might also wish to check with F-Droid, and find out there are even more SSHd's to download without using Google Play Store.

Edit: As it turns out, I wasn't aware F-Droid also features forums, and the above are only forum links. To compensate: You can also find some SSH Server apps on 1mobile, e.g. SSH Server. The website allows you to simply download the .apk from your browser, no login required. Other than with F-Droid, I'm not sure concerning their reputation, though.

Apart from that: In my experience, it's always worth checking the resp. dev's website, where they sometimes host their own .apk files for download. If not, asking them helped me as well :)

  • What you link to are forum posts discussing sshd's. But if you take a look at the actual repository, there are no sshd's availiable (unless you count the one included in the fullfledged chrooted version of Debian, Lil' Debi, that is a really cool idea, but seems a little overkill for just running a ssh server). – JKAbrams Jan 21 '14 at 11:18
  • Ouch – sorry, unfortunately you are correct: I wasn't aware of the fact F-Droid also features forums. To make up for my error: please take a look at What are the alternative Android app markets? I'm pretty sure at least AndroidPIT has some of those servers available. AndroidZoom as well. I'll update my answer in a minute... – Izzy Jan 21 '14 at 12:09

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