Since the update on my Note 3, I have noticed a decrease in battery life. So my questions are, does the 17% increase in performance come in a decrease in battery life? Is it 4.4 using up more processing on my mobile CPU? What can I do to help with the battery life other than reverting back to 4.3?

Note: The Note 3 I posses is the T-Mobile version. Also I thank everybody in advance for the contribution of this post.

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    While waiting for a specific answer, you might wish to consult our battery-life tag-wiki, which gives some useful hints and first-aid.
    – Izzy
    Mar 18 '14 at 15:46

I have the same device, and I also had battery-drain issues. The solution was to disable Location Reporting.

  • Android Menu -> Location > Location Reporting.
  • Turn them all off (one per account on the phone).

This increased my battery life almost three-fold and solved other issues that I was having with the device.

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