I've replaced the screen of my S Advance, but now the back-key doesn't work anymore so that's really frustrating.. I'm wondering if it's possible to program the menu-key as back-key. It is not a software bug because I just accidentally teared a flex cable partially.. I hope it's possible, and if not, what would be the best choice for an on-screen buttons app? Thanks for the help.

EDIT: Like changing key values in /system/usr/layout/generic.kl or something. It's possible to disable them there, so maybe it's possible to change their values or would that mess up my phone? 2nd EDIT: I switched the actions 'BACK'and 'MENU' from key values 139 and 158 in Generic.kl and now the menu-key functions as back-key.. question solved within half an hour.. better do some more research next time haha


You cannot remap hardware buttons without root, but if you don't want to root your phone there are some soft key apps which "work" (they look bad to me, but if they are satisfactory I guess it would work). For how to do remapping or use better soft keys look below:

The first step in this process will be of course to root you phone (the linked instructions are just one I found on Google, feel free to look for others).

From here you have two options, either use soft keys or remap your hardware keys.

Soft Keys:

-You can either grab an app to do this for you, or install a custom ROM (for example CyanogenMod) that has the feature built in. Just google "android soft keys" for some app options.

Hardware Keys: ButtonRemaper

Look for hardware key remapping on Google for more options.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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  • Thanks for your help! i'm rooted already and i've modified build.prop to show softkeys(added line:qemu.hw.mainnkeys=0), which work, but i'm curious if it's possible to change the mapping of my home and menu button. Your HWkeys solution look like a good one so i'm gonna try that. hope it works.. – Bart May 2 '14 at 15:49

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