As an Android developer, I use DDMS (link here about what it is), which shows all of the processes that I can debug (along with other stuff).

Today I've finally flashed a custom ROM that is based on AOSP.

The problem

Ever since I flashed the new ROM, I've noticed that instead of showing just a few processes (including mostly just the apps I'm making), it shows a lot more processes, including both system apps and user apps.

The question

Is there any way to avoid this from happening?

BTW, I tried putting a tag called "DDMS" and a tag called "AOSP" , and sadly I still can't do it even though my score is quite high on StackOverflow.


DDMS shows the running apps which have the "debuggable" flag set. If the built-in apps are also debuggable, it suggests you're using a debug build of the ROM. Switch to a release build. If the custom ROM you're using doesn't have a release build, switch to a ROM made by people who know what they're doing.

  • I've tried out both CM, OmniRom, and PAC-rom. All have this. Also, as I've mentioned, it even shows user apps, such as Whatsapp... – android developer May 9 '14 at 14:58

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