I'm gearing up to mod my phone and reading the Cyanogenmod Installation Support Line which is helpful-ish right up until step 1.3, "1.3 Radio ...aka Which EBI am I?" They refer you to a post that makes almost no sense to me and which seems to be pretty damn important. I can't tell from it where I would look to see which EBI I am. In Recovery Flasher it shows my Phone Type as "EBI0/32B"

Looking at the wiki I find a whole page (I searched for "EBI0") I do see instructions for turning the phone off and holding down the back arrow while I power it back up. Here I see the following:


Sep 2 2008

I think this means I'm a 2x radio and thus can safely install DangerSPL. Am I on the right track here?

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Yes, based on those posts you definitely have a 2.x radio that does not require the modified kernel. Your radio version is also listed as supported on the DangerSPL page. I think you're good to go, best of luck!

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