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I thought this would be a popular question but couldn't find it here so if you do please let me know.

My mother just got a new HTC Inspire and is brand new to using a data plan. Since she is worried that she might go over her cap I want to know how can she track how much data she has used in a certain time (preferably within a billing period). I am on Sprint so I've never had to worry about how much data I use. My question is: Can you recommend a method to manage/track data?

Also, I figure that apps like weather and news should be changed to check less frequently... any other default apps that should be changed to check less frequently?

Thanks for the help

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NetCounter will keep track of data usage. It may not be 100% accurate, but it would be a decent estimate.

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  • @Daniel Yes, I used it when I first had my Droid phone (a year and a half ago?) but stopped using it since Verizon shows their data usage on their website which is updated about daily. – Bryan Denny Mar 24 '11 at 18:34

AT&T has a number u can text to track how much is used. Goto your phone and type *3282# and call like making a phone call and it will send a text message to you showing how much has been used and how much left. Hope this helps.


Looks like I have to eat my comments on the question. ZDBox is yet another app that you can use to track your data usage, and it appears to have some pretty powerful/fantastic additional features.


Install MyAT&T app & log into her online wireless account that should be see up on AT&T website. Then check usage from there.

It tells me my phone minutes, text messages & data. I use very little data as I am usually connected to Wi-Fi, but because I am on a limited data plan, this app comes in handy.


Another app which can be used to do this (though it is a paid app) is SPB Wireless Monitor.

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