Am using samsumg s2 plus. I wanna root my phone. Suggests me best way.

Already tryed the www.unlockroot.com website. But I failed. Help me ..

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    Thax... rooting is done – Yazz.idE Sep 15 '14 at 14:11
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    @bmdixon Thought so. Also had to look twice. Luckily, our index has two questions linked on different S2 models, so I wanted to check which one it is – only then I noticed. Had there been only one link, I'd fallen for the same :) Nevertheless, we no longer dupe-VTC against the list. If it has a matching entry, dupe-VTC against that instead – otherwise, link it from there (which I will do now, as this one at least has a pointer – hopefully Ross will make his suggestion an answer soon). – Izzy Sep 16 '14 at 16:01
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    @RossC Wow – that deserves an immediate +1 from me, very detailed – thanks! – Izzy Sep 17 '14 at 11:04

Rooting the Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus

Here is a Youtube video with the steps to root the device, below are the written instructions I've modified this from the XDA post for grammar etc.


Rooting the device:

  • Open Odin 3.07.exe
  • Put your phone into Download Mode (Power button - Home button - Volume down button,at same time)
  • When you enter in Download Mod, you should get blue box on Odin 3.07
  • Uncheck Auto Reboot option
  • Go to PDA and find your recovery, then click on OK
  • After you checked everything click on Start
  • It should take around up to 30 - 40 seconds
  • When its finished take out battery, put it again
  • Go to recovery mode (Power button - Home button - Volume up button,at the same time)
  • Navigate with Volume Rockers (Volume Up - Volume Down)
  • Select via Power Button
  • Go to install zip from sdcard ( if you putted in your phone)
  • Go to install zip from sdcard/sdcard1 (if you putted on sdcard)
  • Find root package, and install it via pressing power button
  • Go back and reboot system now

DONE ! You have rooted your s2 plus !

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