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Is it possible to enable usb debug without touch screen? [duplicate]

I have a samsung i9100 phone. The screen is broken. Usb debug mode is not enabled. So is it possible to enable usb debug in such situation? I don't want to replace the screen now.
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How can I enable USB Debugging on an LG G2 (vs980) with a broken screen? [duplicate]

I have an LG G2 (vs980 - Verizon). The digitizer and screen is broken - I can view it, but not submit input. The device has fastboot and TWRP capabilities, and I can get to ADB from TWRP. The device ...
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How to enable debug mode on Sony Xperia V with broken touch screen? [duplicate]

My Sony Xperia V touch screen is broken in the right corner. The rest of the screen doesn't respond, but the LCD works fine. I need to make a full backup, but I can't activate debug mode. Also, ...
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Enable usb debugging mode from adb under clockworkmode "Broken digitizer" [duplicate]

My friend brought me a Xtreamer Q mobile phone with broken screen, clockworkmode is working, but USB debugging mode is disabled, I found some posts about how to enable it from adb i tried them and ...
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Can i turn on usb debugging without touching the screen? [duplicate]

My phone working for a long time without problems. I go to sleep my phone is still working.I wake up and turn on my phone. The phone turned up but i can't write my PIN and my screen is almost not ...
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How to access the phone via adb; broken screen [duplicate]

My karbonn s2 screen got cracked ,i need to transfer my contacts on pc.i tried using droid at screen (adb).since i can't go to usb debugging option because of damaged screen.While using droid@screen ...
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How to enable usb debugging and install an apk to an android device with non-functioning display? [duplicate]

The display of my Xperia z3 is non-functioning(i.e. all I can see is a black screen) after an accidental damage due to water-insertion. But all other parts are working fine. The screen responses to ...
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How to turn HTC Widfire with blank screen into debug mode [duplicate]

My screen on HTC Wildfire has gone blank and so have got my phone upgraded. Whilst the guy in the shop was able to transfer my pictures and video, when he tried to transfer my contact phone numbers he ...
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How do I backup data (SMS/contacts) from a device with a broken screen?

I just broke the screen of my (unrooted) Galaxy S. How do I get back my SMS and contacts? PS: I tried Kies but it won't detect my phone for some reason. (Kies works fine with another Galaxy I ...
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Control Android with broken screen from PC

My rooted Galaxy Nexus has a broken screen. How can I use my PC (ie, via ADB) to control the phone? androidscreencast would be the ideal solution, but its keyboard/mouse control feature does not work ...
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How to enable USB Debugging in Android if forgotten pattern for screen-unlock?

I want to use some third party software to clear my device's screen unlock pattern which I forgot. They require USB debugging enabled but I don't have it enabled in my Android. How do I turn on USB ...
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How to backup broken screen phone when USB debugging IS NOT enabled?

I dropped my Samsung S3. Now I cannot see anything, just a white screen with purple, black, and green lines. Before it blanked out, it wasn't recognizing my finger touch. Any idea on how or what to ...
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Recover deleted content from userdata partition?

So it came to pass, that Amanda did have a blonde moment and deleted all her threads in the SMS app by mistake. Yeah, "Delete all threads" probably shouldn't be quite so easy to invoke. The phone's ...
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Accessing android device via ADB shell with broken touchscreen (can't authenticate)

So, the touchscreen on my Nexus 4 broke this weekend. I have a new device coming in, but in the meantime I need to be able to access the device to use a few different apps and send/receive some SMS ...
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Is there a way to enable USB debugging from fastboot?

I have a Nvidia Shield Tablet that froze on me. After powering down it hangs on the nvidia boot up screen when I try to boot it up. Nvidia support says it is a 'soft-brick', as I can't get into ...
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