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How does fast-charge work?

How does Fast Charge work? Does it actually charge your device faster, and if so, Is there a downside to using it?
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How does charging battery in normal, speed and trickle affect battery life?

Battery doctor uses different stages of charging: speed; continuous and trickle (keep charging when the battery is full for some time) does this really extend battery life? and can an app change ...
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Are all the 2 amp Chargers are "Quick Chargers"?

According to Qualcomm's website they use some modern technology which will result in quick charging and according to a blog on android police if you want to check a charger is a quick charger then ...
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Will plugging the Samsung fast charger into a outlet rated 10W/2.1AMP slow down the charge rate?

The S6 comes with a fast wall charger, but how does it work exactly? I want to plug it into a “one outlet Belkin” with surge protection, that is 2.1AMP for the ome USB port and 10W for the single AC ...
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Battery capacity wear-down, and its relationship to charging practices

As an Android user with many devices I'm usually not very concerned about battery, but Nexus 6P with Snapdragon 810 is somewhat notorious for its short battery life, so it makes me start to actually ...
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OnePlus Dash Charging on the OnePlus Three

The OnePlus Three is out and I got mine yesterday. It comes with speed charging (which OnePlus calls "Dash Charging"). As I read, it only works if the plug it comes with and the USB type C cable it ...
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HTC Rapid Charge 2.0 overheating battery

Since a few days ago I am charging my HTC One M8 using the HTC Rapid Charge 2.0 charger. It does indeed charge fast, but I have noticed that the battery gets really hot. After installing the DU ...
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Can I charge my phone with many different charger speed types?

I have a nexus 6p, and various different chargers which I bought for the phone. One is a slow USB charger (comes with the box). Another is a type c to type c cable connected to the AnkerCore 20100+ ...
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How does Samsung's "quick charge" work?

How do the batteries work? Will those batteries have a shorter lifespan? Will the "quick charge quality" get worse over a period of time? And why aren't there other companies using this technology?
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Can you charge a Qualcomm Quick Charge device without a supported charger?

I have a laptop with a 20V 2.25A charger and a phone that supports QC 3.0. In theory, 3.0 has support for up to 20V, but I am not sure if I can use the laptop charger with the phone given that the ...
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