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I have been dealing with this issue since i bought this phone ( Galaxy Note 4 ). I need to change my play store to the US, but I couldn't. I have tried many methods especially, changing my home adress ...
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Unable to change country. Tried everything [duplicate]

I had made some purchases on my daughter's US credit card initially when in US. So my location was tagged as US. Recently when I tried to download one Indian app from India, it was showing not ...
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Google shows wrong country [duplicate]

Play Google does not show apps for my country. I visited another country and came back and store is stuck to that country, I tried clearing data, removing my addresses and cards from Google wallet (...
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Play store stuck in old country [duplicate]

I moved from France to Italy, and it seems like my Play Store is stuck in France. The Operator is recognized correctly as Vodafone on the play store, but I still see the app recommendations in French ...
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How can I add apps from different regions? [duplicate]

I want to install apps from another region (example Nabobil), but can't, because I have a different region on my phone. I'm using Google Pixel 2 running on Android 10 (latest Android version at the ...
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Applications in Play Store cannot be downloaded [duplicate]

I have moved to Australia from India. My Google Play Store doesn't allow me to download Australian applications. It tells me that the application is not available in my country, but I am in Australia, ...
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can't install app, because it's not supported in my country/area [duplicate]

I recently moved to another country and i would like to install bank appliation for my bank account in this country. however Play Store says i can't do that, because it's not available in my country (...
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How to install the play store applications not available in my country [duplicate]

I am a student reviewing multiple COVID tracing applications deployed in various countries around the world. Although I'm located in the US, I'm also interested in applications that other countries ...
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How can I circumvent regional restrictions in Google's Play Store?

I'm travelling to country X. I want to install an application which isn't available in my country, but is available in country X; but I prefer to download and install it in advance, while the data ...
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This item cannot be installed in your device's country

I bought my phone in Germany, used it for a while in several different countries, then recently moved to the US. For several mainstream apps (e.g. Google Wallet, Google Voice, Yelp, my bank's app) I ...
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Problems with changing the default country in Google Play Store

I need help regarding changing my country on the Google Play Store. I tried everything from hard resetting my phone to changing all the details in the settings but it didn't work. I changed all my ...
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How to change my device's country? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How can I circumvent regional restrictions in the Android Market? Google just released Chrome for Android and I want to use it. But, for some (pretty irrational) reason, it is ...
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How do I change the country/region in Google Play Store?

I live in Israel. My Google Play is set to USA. I want to change it to Israel. The need to change that had arisen when I tried setting up Family Link on my kid's phone, which fails due to" ...
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How do I view a different country's Google Play store?

I would like to look at the Google Play store for a country different than my own, but I've spent an hour trying to figure out how to find or view the stores for any other country and I can't find the ...
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Spotify in Croatia

I am from Croatia and I was able to install and use(run) Spotify free version(not Premiumm I didn't sign up for free Premium or anything). None of my friends can install (or run) it because in order ...
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