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How does Google Tasks open an email in the Gmail app?

There is another question that asks How to open gmail message links in Gmail Android app?. I don't know how to how to answer the question, but I know of an app that can do this: Google Tasks. These ...
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1 answer

Show tasks in Google Calendar app

There is a "Tasks" calendar that can be selected on the Google Calendar web interface, that displays all Gmail tasks deadlines. This calendar is not shown/synced in the Google Calendar app. Is there a ...
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Where does Google Tasks tasks arrived from?

I recently installed Google Tasks and was surprised to find tasks and lists over there. I haven't used Google Tasks on the web (or from gmail) either. Those were old tasks/notes taken around 3-6 ...
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Contacts and tasks missing from Gmail app

I am somewhat new to Android. I would like to know why the Contacts and Tasks functionality which is found in the web version of Gmail is missing from the Android Gmail app. Where can I find these? I ...
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Task management software that will sync with GTasks and exchange?

I am trying desparately to find an app solution to manage all of my disparate task lists. I work for two companies, both supply me with exchange credentials and a phone (one iphone, one blackberry). ...
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How to turn Google Keep Check List into Google Task List

Before the advent of the updated Google Task feature I kept some to do lists in Google Keep, which supports a list of tasks and their check boxes. Google Task lists have the advantage of allowing ...
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Making Google Reminders show today's items in my notification drawer

I currently use Google Tasks (Google Reminders' predecessor) with an app that displays today's items in my notification drawer so I don't forget about them. I'd like to switch to Google Reminders so ...
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