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How to turn Google Keep Check List into Google Task List

Before the advent of the updated Google Task feature I kept some to do lists in Google Keep, which supports a list of tasks and their check boxes. Google Task lists have the advantage of allowing ...
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Where is the Google Tasks folder on Android?

According to this website, it's /data/data/ On my phone, there's no such folder anywhere. In fact, there's no /data/data anywhere. I do have the Tasks app installed. My ...
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How does Google Tasks open an email in the Gmail app?

There is another question that asks How to open gmail message links in Gmail Android app?. I don't know how to how to answer the question, but I know of an app that can do this: Google Tasks. These ...
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Where does Google Tasks tasks arrived from?

I recently installed Google Tasks and was surprised to find tasks and lists over there. I haven't used Google Tasks on the web (or from gmail) either. Those were old tasks/notes taken around 3-6 ...
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Making Google Reminders show today's items in my notification drawer

I currently use Google Tasks (Google Reminders' predecessor) with an app that displays today's items in my notification drawer so I don't forget about them. I'd like to switch to Google Reminders so ...
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3 answers

Google Tasks not syncing (events do) on the phone

I have a OnePlus One running CyanogenMod 12. I started using tasks within Business Calendar 2 PRO app heavily. They synchronize using google tasks. So I can see my tasks in google calendar. This ...
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Contacts and tasks missing from Gmail app

I am somewhat new to Android. I would like to know why the Contacts and Tasks functionality which is found in the web version of Gmail is missing from the Android Gmail app. Where can I find these? I ...
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1 answer

Show tasks in Google Calendar app

There is a "Tasks" calendar that can be selected on the Google Calendar web interface, that displays all Gmail tasks deadlines. This calendar is not shown/synced in the Google Calendar app. Is there a ...
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0 answers

Task management software that will sync with GTasks and exchange?

I am trying desparately to find an app solution to manage all of my disparate task lists. I work for two companies, both supply me with exchange credentials and a phone (one iphone, one blackberry). ...
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4 answers

Todo app that syncs with Google Tasks and has notification badges? [closed]

Coming from an iPhone, one of the things I miss the most is the little red notification badges on my app icons. I don't understand why more Android apps don't have them (not even the phone!?). I ...
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6 votes
3 answers

Open source tasks app that syncs automatically with Google Tasks? [closed]

Now that there is an API for Google Tasks (tasks in Calendar), do you know a tasks app with the following features? Automatic sync with Google Tasks Open Source Works offline too. Minimalist (same ...
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8 votes
5 answers

I'm looking for a way to work offline with Google Tasks

Is it possible to work offline with Google Tasks and then sync it back when online? My connection is not stable over here. Please share if you know how to. Thank you!
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