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Can I still use HTC Sync (OSX) software if I root my One S?

I have run out of app space so am thinking of rooting my phone (HTC One S) to be able get rid of the many unremovable preinstalled apps that I never use. I was wondering if the HTC Sync software on ...
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3 votes
2 answers

How do I disable auto-sync in HTC Sync 3.3?

Where in HTC Sync is the option to disable synchronization upon connecting the phone to the computer? There used to be plenty of options in the old versions of HTC Sync. By old versions I mean ...
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Can I set my HTC Desire into sync-mode without using touch screen

The screen of my HTC Desire just broke (It's not shattered, but it's completely black). I have no reason to believe anything else is broken (When I start it up, I hear the short tune that plays when ...
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Incredible 2 Sync Problem

I've downloaded the HTC Sync software onto my PC in order to sync my new Incredible 2 with my Outlook, etc. After plugging my phone into the PC with a USB cable, however, it tells me "No Device ...
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1 vote
1 answer

HTC Sync fails to start when phone connected "updating htc library"

I have an HTC Desire S wich is failing to connect to HTC Sync. I have downloaded and installed the latest version but one of 2 possible scenarios occur: The phone is connected to the pc. USB ...
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Can't Access iPlayer via Internet Pass-through - is there a workaround?

My HTC Desire HD plays nicely with Windows 7 and while at work I use it for personal web access, quicker than H/G/E connection and free. However when attempting to view/listen to content on the BBC's ...
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Has HTC Sync 3 dropped support for Windows 7 Contacts?

I've got an HTC Desire and since I got it, I've been synchronising the contacts on my phone with the "Contacts" folder in Windows 7 using HTC Sync 2.something I noticed HTC Sync 3 was available, so I ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Does HTC Sync work well with Thunderbird?

As I no longer have access to Outlook, I have to look for alternatives for managing mail, agenda's and contacts. My first guess would be Thunderbird, but I wonder how well this syncs with HTC Sync ...
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7 votes
3 answers

How to remove HTC Sync calendar entries?

I made the mistake of sync'ing my PC with my HTC Desire and now my calendar has lots of double entries; From Exchange and from HTC Sync (Outlook)... Any wy to remove all traces of the HTC Sync entries?...
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"My Calendar" and "PC Sync" -- How to Delete?

These two (empty) calendars appear in the list of calendars inside the stock calendar app (at least on HTC Sense setups). I'm not entirely sure what they are but they are both unused and cluttering ...
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Is there a better sync application for Windows than HTCSync?

I'm running HTCSync 3.0.5422 on Windows 7 Ultimate but I find it just a bit unreliable. One one PC, sometimes the application doesn't see my HTC Desire (bought as an unlocked SIM free unit) and on ...
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