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unbricking Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite that can not get into Download mode

While installing LineageOS on my Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite, I have ended up with a blue screen that says "An error has occurred while updating the device software." There is also a text in ...
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Show touch point with S-Pen as well (instead of just finger)

Samsung's android shows a cursor while using the S-Pen but hides it when you actually start touching. In the Developer Options there are 2 relevant options, one shows a nice white circle where you ...
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How we can know from Download Mode screen if device (Galaxy Tab S6) is factory-new?

[] download screen for my Tab S61 Picture above is from my Tab S6's download screen. Do you see any clue showing that this device is not brand-new? For example anything that should be locked but not ...
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How to check Knox Warranty status for Samsung Tab S6 (T865)?

How to check Knox Warranty status for Samsung Tab S6 (T865) if it is tripped or not? I go to recovery screen by Power + Volume Up and from there selecting "Reboot to Bootloader" to go ...
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Use Powerpoint inking feature on my laptop from Android Tablet

When presenting Powerpoint slides via zoom on my Win10 laptop it is convenient to annotate on the slides in response to audience questions etc. Powerpoint has a convenient annotate feature but it's ...
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Strange Saving Behaviour of Samsung's "Write on PDF"

I did some work yesterday using Write on PDF on my Samsung S6 Lite tablet. Come this morning, and it didn't save. Bit of a nightmare. Anyway, I redid the work, but decided this afternoon to test out ...
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Connecting Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 to HDMI without activating Dex

I own a Samsung Galaxy Tab S6, and it's quite good... except for Samsung's software, which I would qualify as bloatware without hesitation. I bought a cable that is able to move signal from USB-C ...
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