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Disable magnifier globally when selecting text in Android 12

Is there a way to disable the magnifier feature globally for all apps in Android 12? I found it annoying. I've looked for a setting for this, but to no avail. If it can't be done globally, maybe it's ...
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Delay text selection mode after touch

When a text is displayed e.g. in Chrome, you can switch to text selection mode with a long-press. I often enter this mode accidentally when I only want to scroll slowly. I tend to scroll continuously ...
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Searching for and copying Android app text elements running it on a PC

Problem: some Android apps present large portions of text and/or large forms, which, unlike web pages, are not friendly to searching or copy-pasting. Consider a generated value (like ticket ...
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Impossible to select script line on mobile fone

On any mobile fone running Android, it is impossible to select the whole script line. If you slowly try to move the line to expose more of the script line and then attempt to move the blue end mark of ...
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How can I configure Android so that any selected text is copied to clipboard automatically?

How can I configure Android so that any selected text is copied to clipboard automatically?
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How to disable the smart text selection feature in Android Oreo?

Android Oreo came with a new "smart text selection" feature that uses AI code to make smart decisions about selecting text such as addresses and phone numbers. However, in my experience this works ...
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Stop cursor from moving to end of word when touching text

The default android behaviour when interacting with editable text seems to be to move the cursor to the end of the word you've touched, regardless of your touch location. This is undesirable in many ...
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Bug in text selection on Android O?

Nexus 6P, Android O (8.0.0), not rooted. When I long-press (or double-tap) a word in a textarea field, often the result is that much more than the targeted word is selected. Roughly two lines of text ...
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Text To speech feature on selected text

I wonder if there is ability to replicate this feature from iOS : In iOS you can turn on Accessibility function that add the "Speak" button to the "selection menu". And if you click, it would turn ...
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Is there a way to select text directly in Android?

I would like to edit some text on my way home, however I found that in Android there is no way to simply select some text to delete or change it. You have to first locate the cursor or long press the ...
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App To Scan Hyperlinks|Content On A Web Page?

The concept is same as scanning QR codes, but only hyperlinks and content. Is there such an app? Sometimes i see long hyperlink on a web page that i would like to have copied to my smartphone.
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Select text using keyboard only

I know how to select text (in a view) using the touch screen. Is it possible to do the same via keyboard only? If possible, please provide a way to do this on the emulator (I need this for a ...
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