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How do I know 360 Security antivirus app really works?

I have an Alcatel one touch fiercexl & 360 Security is the antivirus/cleaner app I have. I'm not entirely sure it even works like it says it should. Aft I use it & leave the app, and then go ...
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Google play website shows all Apps under "My Apps" as "Installed" even uninstalled ones

I am looking at "My Apps" in Google Play Store and Google Play website. In Google Play Store, it marks properly the apps that are currently installed as "installed" and the apps which have tried ...
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2 answers

Install applications on android market through my computer

My phone model is Xperia Neo. My computer has an internet connection but my phone doesn't. I followed following steps to install app to my mobile from computer Go the market app website. It shows my ...
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How to update all your apps from the Android market over web?

I constantly get multiple update notifications on my Android phone. How do I go online from my computer and update all my applications to my phone?
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Android web market always gives error

I am getting error for almost all the apps while I am trying to install from web android market (, it gives error "This item cannot be installed in your device's country.". But same ...
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