Just updated my Oneplus One to Android 5.0.1, and I can't change the DNS when I select the "Static IP" option in Wi-Fi settings. Basically I can put the values in, there is just no way to press OK and accept the changes.

It was possible in Android 4.4.2. Has anyone bumped into this issue?

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This is one silly issue in Lollipop update (CM12) for OnePlus. I'm assuming you're running Cyanogen OS 12, and I found (on Reddit) and tested this solution some time ago.

Unlike Kitkat, you can't change only the DNS in Wifi settings as "Save"/"OK" is always greyed out if you do, i.e. you need to provide every single detail which includes:

  • IP address
  • Gateway
  • Network prefix length
  • DNS 1
  • DNS 2

As soon as you fill the first four entries, the option will appear to save the settings.

A brief description of each field is given here.

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