I have 3 accounts attached to my Galaxy S6. I have a Google Drive shortcut to a spreadsheet on my home screen, but every time I click it, a popup asks me which account I want to view it from. The sheet is only shared with one of my accounts.

Is there any way to set a default account to a document? My goal is to reach the sheet in 1 click, and the shortcut currently requires 2, which is the same as if I opened it directly through the Drive app. This defeats the purpose of having a shortcut at all.

Alternatively: If I sync the file to my phone for offline storage, is there a way to create a shortcut widget there directly?

  • If you sync for off line access, you can easily create a shortcut using file explorer like ES File Explorer. You would need to long press the file in the explorer view and select more >Add to desktop. If this is good enough for you can post as an answer
    – beeshyams
    Jan 4 '16 at 4:06

Try deleting the shortcut and re-creating it. When you create a shortcut it should ask you which account to use before you select which file the shortcut should point to.

I had a similar issue on my LG G4 where it always asked which account to use. I think it is because I created the shortcut using a Google account that I subsequently removed and then added back on to the device.

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