I'm running ASUS Fonepad 7 (K00Z, with KitKat updates installed). Here is what I already tried by referring to this and this guide:

  1. I started the phone in fastboot bootloader by pressing the Power + Vol-up button, but it has only these five options:

    • Reboot.
    • Reboot fastboot.
    • SDCARD Download.
    • Factory Reset.
  2. There is no Recovery mode where I can delete the cache partition.

  3. I also turned on the developer options in settings and then run this command from my linux laptop: adb reboot recovery. But the tablet just starts and quits the recovery screen saying "No command found" or something like that.

Is there any hope of being able to delete the cache partition?


The issue is still unresolved, but I went a long way towards learning new things in Android testing, thanks to @Izzy. Primarily,

  1. USB Debugging using Android SDK is very helpful. For instance, adb reboot-bootloader will restart the phone/tablet to the bootloader. Of course, the device must be recognized by the computer connected through USB which leads to
  2. UDEV rules should be properly setup (for Linux OS; I'm using I'm using Ubuntu 14.04) or the proper vendor drivers should be installed (for Windows). This Q/A is very helpful in this regard.
  3. fastboot erase cache was supposed to help me, but somehow, my ASUS device isn't being recognized by lsusb while the tablet is on bootloader screen (and thus, logically, neither by fastboot devices). I've raised a ticket about this with ASUS and awaiting a reply from there.

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see if this helps :

I installed the temporary custom recovery to root my device, may be you can use that custom recovery to clear the cache.

Search for the methods to root this device.

I will post the link if I can find

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