I have a Samsung Alpha.35gb – and I'm not the most mobile savvy person.

Recently I keep getting 2 messages, one saying 'device memory full' (unable to receive sms/mms messages) and the other tells me storage space running out. When I check where most of the full memory is coming from, it points to the APP INFO.contact storage version 4.4.4 says I have over 12GB!!? When I open contact space I have over 400 contacts that have no name?

What is this and how can I get rid of these? I try deleting and they don't delete! As a result my phone is not reacting.

  • First-aid on the "insufficient storage" issue can be found in our insufficient-memory tag-wiki. As you've already identified the culprit (and hoping you've got a backup of your "good contacts"), to clear that up you could go to Settings › Apps, find the mentioned app, force-stop it (if that button is enabled), and clear its cache and data. Right after that, reboot. Note that will not only clear those "over 400 contacts without name", but all of them. – Izzy Apr 14 '16 at 12:03

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