What does the "insufficient memory" error mean?

The 'insufficient memory' error often occurs in connection with data sync or app installs when your device is running low on internal storage (i.e. phone, not the internal sdcard).

Are there any first-aid hints I can follow to solve the issue?

First thing you should check when encountering this problem is how much internal storage is left on your device (space on sdcards, internal or external, is completely irrelevant to this problem). As a general thumb rule, you need at least 25 MB free (reference missing, but this value is frequently mentioned as minimum in this context. SO mentions the "storage low" event being triggered when free space reaches 10%).

First aid: Go to Settings→Apps→Manage Apps and...

  • delete apps you've installed once and need no longer
  • check app details on how much cache they use, and use the "Clear Cache" button to free this storage. This will not delete important data, just temporary cache stuff, so you will not lose anything
  • optionally: try moving some apps to other storage (SDcard) via App2SD

That didn't solve it. Are there any other recommended sources?

What if I still could not solve my issue?

If your problem does not go away using above "first aid hints", please state so in your question. This avoids unnecessary comments and questions for more details, and we can go straight into other details.

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