I'm trying to disable the default "Internet" app. I can't deactivate it via the app manager. I need it disabled, because the Tablet should not be allowed to use an internet browser, but other apps should still be able to connect to the internet. The device is hardened and only a few apps are allowed. But through the settings the user can reach the user manual, which opens the default internet app. Therefore I need to uninstall or disable it.

Has anybody an idea how to get rid of built in apps without rooting the device?

Thanks alot!


You can go to Settings > Applications > Application manager and navigate to all apps tab then found your browser in this list and tap on it and then you see turn off button, when you disable it using this button, browser should disappear from applications menu. If this is not working for you, there is no other way, you will need to root your tablet.


After you root your device, you need to download root explorer, total commander or ESFile Manager and go to system/app where you should find browser and delete or cut it from here. IF YOU DELETE IT FROM HERE, THERE WILL BE NO WAY TO RESTORE THIS WITHOUT REFLASHING ENTIRE ROM!

But there is a second way, which I recommend to you. With downloading Titanium Backup from Google Play Store and freezing your browser from this powerful app. After this you could restore it any time you want.

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    OP already stated: "I can't deactivate it via the app manager." So that only leaves the "root option". But rooting alone won't solve the issue; maybe you could edit your answer and include how to solve the issue if the device is rooted? – Izzy Jul 11 '16 at 12:10
  • Thanks for your answer! I've already tried it via the application manager, but for the browser the "deactivate" button is not clickable. Do I need to root my device for using the Titanium Backup app? – Clam Jul 13 '16 at 10:08
  • Update: Root is needed for this app, but no option for me because the tablet is used for working purposes. – Clam Jul 13 '16 at 14:23

Download "Package disabler" from google playstore,open it and scroll down to find "internet" disable it,it automatically vanishes from your app drawer.You dont need to need root access.


Go to app manager, select Samsung Internet, then disable all permissions, you will reach a point where you are asked if you would like to uninstall all updates and to go back to the factory stock of the app, just click ok. It will uninstall, and when you go to your default apps, Samsung Internet is no longer there. Just did this!


I used "Freezer" its free and does not require root. worked fine on android 7

  • This answer is very short. It would be great, if you would elaborate, how to go through the app to disable the default internet app and how to verify that it worked. – GiantTree Jul 27 at 10:15

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