I have recently formatted my SD card as adoptable/internal storage in android nougat 7.0. There is a option of ejecting the card. My question is, if I eject the card, would I be able to use it by a card reader, or would the data be corrupted/deleted?

  • Your card cannot be read by a card reader, as it is encrypted , when you converted it to internal or adoptable-storage. This encryption covers your device (internal storage) and SD. You can read more about that in wiki

  • If you eject the card, data is not corrupted on the card, but as Izzy pointed out, your device would be pretty much unusable, till you re- insert

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    Yupp. Side-effect: if you eject the card, what will stop working until it's inserted again? As it's "internal storage", there shouldn't remain much in "working state" without the card :) – Izzy Jan 18 '17 at 15:17
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    @Izzy: Thanks for pointing that out, honestly didn't think of that, will add it – beeshyams Jan 18 '17 at 15:20

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