I'm running Android device on version 5.1 and my device doesn't have any buttons except power and volume.

I want my volume up key to answer incoming calls. Is there any exposed or any other method to help facilitate the ask?

  • You can easily do this tasker. Are comfortable with using Tasker? Mar 27 '17 at 13:03

Alternatively with Tasker;

Now for the Task:

Task 1 Answering the call

Create a named task :

Action: Phone >> Take Call

a b
(click images for larger variants)

Exit out of the task.

Task 2

Ending the phone call

Create another named task:

Acion: Action: Phone >> End Call

a b

Create a new Profile

State >> Hardware >> Button [Next] (which is similar to volume up) Check Stop Event.

a b

c d

For the second profile the proccedure is the same but this time a media button used is "previous" instead of "next".


Activate all profiles

Thats all.


is one option. Many apps are available. I prefer using MacroDroid , since it is free (upto 5 macros) and easy to learn.

Using Power key- you can set how many times you want to toggle to answer, here it is 3 times

enter image description here

Using Vol

enter image description here

You can use either methods that suit you

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