Currently looking for help because I am truly stumped. Device is a Galaxy J3 Emerge, it was reset to factory default settings. It seems that the password for the Google account was also reset before the factory reset. After researching online, I found out that the if the account password is reset before the factory reset is applied. You will have to wait 24 hours before attempting to sign in again.

So I sat the phone down after reading the message about waiting 24 hours. I left it there for 4 days. Got the error on Sunday, went to work for the entire week and tried again on Thursday. The same message is displayed! Reboot and tried again, still the same message.

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dont know if you found an answer yet or not, but i had the same problem with a galaxy player 5.0. Not sure if your solution would be much different, but I downloaded Odin, and flashed the software, and it works perfectly now.

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