I can barely feel the vibration in my pixel XL. Is there any way to increase it? Some posts suggest there should be a "Sound and Vibration" setting but my O does not have one.

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Unfortunately, Android does not provide a stock setting that will control global vibration intensity because not all phone hardware supports the ability to control vibration amplitude.

Instead, Android has released updates to the Vibrator control as of Android API level 26 (aka: Android Oreo).

Developers can check if the hardware supports adjusting haptic feedback intensity by calling Vibrator#hasAmplitudeControl.

If so, they can create their own haptic feedback by calling Vibrator#vibrate and passing in a desired VibrationEffect, which is the object definition of a vibration pattern, including amplitude.

In summary, vibration control is up to the phone hardware capabilities and developers now as of Android Oreo.

Note: there may be third party apps on the Play Store that allow for more fine grained or global vibration control, but I am unsure which is viable and whether or not root permissions are required - so YMMV.

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