It is known that TWRP does not back up /data/media as you can read here and on other posts on this site

How can one bypass this?


There's an app that's just been released (tested on Moto X Play) that bridges the gap between Nandroid and full backup and backs up photos, videos, game data etc, which wasn't possible earlier

Tipatch (Play Store) and quoting from developers XDA thread

Tipatch patches TWRP to backup contents of internal storage (emulated SD card) as part of Data, thus preventing data loss. Internal storage typically includes items such as photos, videos, downloads, game data, and other assorted files.

A side effect is that wiping "Data" will also wipe internal storage. This cannot be fixed.

Programs (instead of using app) for all OS's available on Github

I am not affiliated in any way with the app or developer and wanted to share a tip-off from a friend

Edit: Also now tracker free version available in Izzy's F-droid repo

Edit 2 User alecxs who is a regular contributor here has a universal bind mount enabler, for the same functionality. You can download it from XDA

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I would follow the idea from https://forum.xda-developers.com/android/general/tutorial-create-internal-storage-backup-t3389172 - that is

Step 1- reboot in recovery Step 2-mount all partitions Step 3-now open file manager Step 4-go to path /data/media Step 5-now rename media folder name to xyz (now path name is /data/xyz) Step 6- now go to backup window Step 7- now refresh memory.... u notice that data partition memory is increase (data+internal storage)

and then back up to your preferred location, e.g. external SD card.

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