I developed an app for android. I used my two devices (Galaxy Nexus running 4.02 & Galaxy Tab10.1 running 3.1) to test the app before I published it.

When I published the app to the Market, I removed the tested version of the app from my devices and tried to install the one in the market but I couldn't install it !

In my Nexus device, It gives me this error: *"App_Name" Could not be downloaded due to an error (500).* In my Tab, a progress bar is shown then disappear with no error message.

To solve it, I tried:

  • Rebooting the devices.
  • Removing my Google account from my Tab and re-adding it again. the problem still exists.

I can install other apps with no problem. If you think the problem is from my app, try installing it. Search for "Untiny" in the market


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The app works on other devices according to the user reviews. Perform a factory reset on your device and see if the error occurs while installing


I have had this problem before and tried everything, including hard resetting my phone. I forget what worked, but I think going through the web version of Market helped.

I had tried restoring a backup previously of a previous version of the app. This may have caused the problem but it doesn't explain why several apps have failed on auto update this time. I use Vodafone, and the service is not that good, so maybe the apps are getting corrupted.

Thinking about it might have contacted android support on web market place and got a resolution there after a few goes. So the thing about google fault see them, last time might be the only valid answer. I also have the error on new installs to, I have discovered. So it is likely some corruption between the app configuration on my phone and the market. Google should have had a method to fix this, if only by reinstalising the data. As I said before I waited 1 to 2 minutes for it to clear, it did not, so contact them quickly.

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Turns out that the app didn't upload completely! Something went wrong while I was uploading it to the Play store.

It installed just fine after I uploaded a new version.

Thanks to all.

  1. Go to recovery => wipe cache
  2. Go to advanced
  3. Wipe dalvik cache
  4. Fix permissions
  5. Reboot

Source: http://androidjinni.com/google-play-store-error-500-solution-2353/

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