my wife moved back to Android on a Galaxy S9+ from IOS and wanted her WhatsApp messages transferred. Its not straightforward, but followed an article that setout the process and managed it in the end but but had to do two key things that I'm struggling to reverse.

  1. Disconnect WhatsApp from Google Drive. This is done in Google Drive settings/Manage Apps.

  2. Install an older version of WhatsApp. Apparently the latest version of WhatsApp will not automatically pickup a local backup.

Consequences now are:-

  1. That WhatsApp on her phone will no longer auto update. Trying to update manually in Playstore says its already installed.

  2. WhatsApp will only backup locally and won't back to Google Drive

  3. I can't reconnect WhatsApp to Google Drive - its isn't in the list in Google Drive / Settings / Manage Apps.

The article I followed just said that WhatsApp can be reconnected to Google Drive later, but didn't say how.

Anyone any suggestions on how to resolve this please?

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