From time to time, there is a directory (and files inside of it) that is created on the internal memory of my device. I keep deleting it, but after a few days/weeks, it's back. The folder in question, by the way, is Tencent. I already uninstalled the game associated with them long ago, but the directory keeps popping up.

I would like to know what other app is creating it. I don't have that many apps, mainly social media ones and tools, and I think they are only associated with games.

Searching around, I found an app that logs all accesses to files of the filesystem, but it doesn't show what app is doing it.

The answer from Software to monitor file owner is not going to work in my case because these files are all 0 bytes so it's way too fast to catch the app creating them. Not to mention that the creation time is random. It could take days or weeks for the app to create it again.

Anyone have some good ideas before going into detective mode as last resort? I'm firstly asking for an app because that would be the easiest way to monitor the filesystem.

PS: My device is rooted.

  • Hi, I decided to edit the question since app recommendation is off-topic and instead, stating the core of the issue while still allowing answers to recommend apps. Feel free to edit and improve the question if something is wrong/missing. Thanks. – Andrew T. Jan 17 at 12:51
  • @AndrewT. I didn't know. Thank you. – The Berga Jan 17 at 12:56
  • Is there a reason why you don't post the exact and full path name of that folder? The community here often has some valuable hints which app may have created those files. Tracing the origin of file operations is not possible on an unrooted Android (and even on a rooted device the ways I can imagine requires some programming skills for an Xposed module or a Frida hook). – Robert Jan 17 at 18:14
  • @Robert, it's a folder named Tencent in the root of the internal memory. – The Berga Jan 20 at 9:24

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