I want to reset my phone. I want to preserve some apps state across the reset. I don't want to use third party software. Which folders do I have to copy?

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    Answer to "Which folders do I have to copy?": Where Android apps store data?. On restore you need to set proper UIDs/GIDs, permission modes and SELinux labels on all apps directories. For system and framework apps things are further complicated. Particularly related to content providers. Apps relying on android_id may also break after reset. App backup solutions (at least try to) take care of all of this. Apr 23 '20 at 9:15
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    If your device is not rooted you can only use adb backup.
    – Robert
    Apr 23 '20 at 9:23
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    In addition to Robert's suggestion, you can only backup those apps (through adb) which explicitly do not disallow backup (so, bye bye Firefox, Google Authenticator, etc.).
    – Firelord
    Apr 23 '20 at 11:25
  • This question is not about where android stores data and not about fully backup the phone. I want to backup some decicated single apps, like terminus and whatsapp. So it is not a duplicate. These suggestions do not answer my question. If it works I guess Roberts comment comes the closest for now, but I had no time to check now. Apr 23 '20 at 12:56

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