After switching from Samsung S7 Edge to Poco X3 NFC, although both on Android, I can't figure out how to remove recently used emojis, which is on Gboard.

I searched a lot but nothing related to Poco X3 NFC. The MIUI is 12.0.8

How to remove them from the keyboard?

  • clear data and cache of keyboard in settings >> apps >> gboard. i'd rather suggest to go for a keyboard which supports incognito mode like swiftkey
    – MANI
    Mar 28 at 4:23

None of the trusted keyboards support this feature. Start afresh after clearing data and cache of the app - Settings >> Apps >> G Board. Then use incognito mode on keyboard if it supports. Microsoft SwiftKey has incognito mode. IDK about GBoard.

  • I agree not many keyboards are not "trusted", but I don't think I would put either Google's Gboard or Microsoft's SwiftKey in the "trusted" category. Clear their data and cache and then use either for a couple weeks. The amount of data that they will store during that time is nothing short of staggering. Then try an open-source keyboard with similar functionality, and one can see the open-source keyboards will not store all that data. I have yet to see anyone successfully explain what Google's Gboard and Microsoft's SwiftKey are really collecting/storing/transmitting. Mar 28 at 5:11
  • I used the word 'trusted' based on "Contains ads" thing. I used to like some keyboard apps like fleksy but it has ads now. I know Google and MS are collecting data but just hoping that they are not selling it.
    – MANI
    Mar 28 at 6:30
  • I had a similar experience. I can't exactly remember the name of my old favorite keyboard app, but I think it was called Chrooma. What I do remember is that it was great, and then they turned it into a promotion-filled mess. Mar 28 at 8:24

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