My Sony earphones are damaged, I've got other earphones (non-SONY) but are not accepted by the phone. Is there a way to make them work ??

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    What do you mean by "not accepted"? – Compro01 May 7 '13 at 18:20

There are different standards for headset plugs, and Sony has started using the CTIA layout for it's smartphones since 2012. I couldn't find the official documentation on the differences, but it's pretty well explained here (In german, but the pictures speak for themselves).

The gist is, on regular headsets the order of the pins is ground-mic-right-left, but on CTIA it's mic-ground-right-left.

To get regular headsets working, you'll have to use an adapter, but if I'm understanding this correctly, headphones (that is, without a microphone) should work normally.


You can try Nokia's headphones. I think they will work with them.

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