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Xperia neo L MT25i is a smartphone from sony. Came with ICS preloaded.

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My phone not registering to 2G (GSM only) network

I am using a Sony Xperia Neo L (MT25i). After updating the OS, my phone not registering to 2G (GSM only mode) network. It works perfectly with 3G (WCDMA only or WCDMA proffered mode) network. While ...
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Is it possible for my Sony Xperia Neo L to take other earphones besides SONY earphones

My Sony earphones are damaged, I've got other earphones (non-SONY) but are not accepted by the phone. Is there a way to make them work ??
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Indic font(Kannada) is not rendering properly in Android ICS

I am trying to get the kannada font support for Android ICS. I rooted my Xperia Neo L phone which is running Android ICS 4.0.4 and installed Kannada font (Lohit-Kannada.ttf). I have also included the ...
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How to take screenshot in Sony Xperia Neo l without third party app?

Since volume-down + power key doesn't work, is it possible to take screenshots on Sony Xperia Neo l? If so, how?
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