I have an SGS-I8190 with CM11 from http://maclaw.pl/

I explored the Xposed Framework, but it is not compatible with ART. It switches back to the old buggy and lame Dalvik. XDA says, that ART provides a Bootloop in addition to xposes.

Is a workaround to use both, or do I have to live with either one?

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As of this moment, it is a known fact (not necessarily an issue) that the Xposed framework DOES NOT WORK with ART.

So, you either:

  • Stay with Dalvik runtime, and get the advantage of using Xposed; OR
  • Uninstall Xposed framework, and get the advantage of using ART

After installing Xposed, the runtime gets reset from ART to Dalvik. Can you stop it please?

You can be glad that I implemented this, otherwise you would be in a bootloop know. Xposed isn't compatible with ART (yet). It's a completely different architecture with pretty much no documentation. Rewriting Xposed for the ART runtime requires understanding the concept, the code structure and many details to know how it works. I have already spent dozens of hours on that and some things are working. But still it's a long way ahead. Don't expect even a test version in the near future. So please don't ask when it will be available - you will surely know when it is ready. I have nothing else to say about that.


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