When I send a group message on my galaxy s3 software 4.3 other people in the group message receive the message as an individual message. How do I fix this so that all the people in message receive it as a group message.

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You may be better off using Whatsapp messenger, it deals with group messages much better than using SMS.

Using Whatsapp everyone can reply to a message that you've sent and all participants can see each other's replies.

You can download it from here:



Also remember all the recipients of a group message can also see every person you add to the conversation as well as their phone numbers. Like (1990clb) says try a messaging app meant for group mssg. , even google voice/hangouts has a great app that can include a couple (or) your entire contact list. I guess to remind them all about your upcoming surprise birthday party... Also allows u to video chat or make a call with the same group of ppl if texting becomes too confusing for your grandmother.

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