Granddaughter playing game on tablet and assume she pressed on power and volume at same time It had the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 verbiage across the screen. I tried to press the power and increase volume button as I had done before on the Motorola Xoom, big mistake from what I read in forums. It is now stuck on the ODIN MODE and says: Downloading...Do not turn off target!! with the Android symbol above it. Help!!

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Hold the volume up and volume down at the same time then press power button. Hold for a few seconds and unit will reboot.


This warning is only meant for people to not turn off the device during the flashing process. If you did not start flashing an image to this tables, and don't plan to - it's perfectly safe to power off the tablet.

Holding the Power button for around 10 seconds should cause the tablet to turn off. You can then turn it on normally again, without touching the Volume buttons.

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