I have a skype account that I created via Facebook login and can use it on my PC or Mac just fine. Now I want to use Skype on Android and have installed the official app. Yet the app lacks an option to login via Facebook.

How am I supposed to login, as I do neither know my user name nor the password, as I am used to login via Facebook.

  1. Go to the login page, tap on "Problems in signing".

  2. Enter your primary Facebook email, Skype will send a code to your email.

  3. Copy it, go back to the Skype app.

  4. Tap on enter the key, paste the key in it.

  5. There's your Skype account named facebook:your.name.

  6. Tap on your Facebook profile, tap sign in with Facebook

  7. Then Facebook login page will appear and enter your login info.

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