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I downloaded an APK and when I try to install it, the "install" button is completely unresponsive. I have gone into the settings and enabled "Unknown sources" in the security section. Is there ...
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Android 5 disable install button of apk files on nexus 4 [duplicate]

After updating my nexus 4 to new android 5 (lollipop) when i open an apk file, the install button not working!! Also i checked unknown source in my device settings. What the problem? please help :(
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Unable to click Next button when sideloading an APK [duplicate]

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cannot reinstall app [duplicate]

A few weeks ago I've installed OpenVPN for Android from FDroid. Somehow it started to malfunction so I've rebuild the OpenVPN profile. While trying to activate the profile the device showed a screen ...
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Can't install non-Play store apps [duplicate]

On both my nexus 9 and my Oneplus One running android 5.0.1 the apk installer will pop up and show the permissions but it simply won't let me click install. It does it for apks from the internet and ...
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Determine which app is drawing on top of other apps?

Is there a way to determine which application is drawing on top of other applications? For example, Facebook Messenger app can draw the chat bubbles on top of everything, but how do I know which app ...
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Can screen dimming apps damage the screen?

With recent research suggesting melatonin levels linked to blue wavelengths of light via the melanopsin, a plethora of phone screen dimming apps have been released. My sister claims they can damage ...
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How do I uninstall Cool Browser?

There was an app called Cool Browser which always showed up as an advertisment so, I installed it because it was always showing up. I did not want to use the app, so I tried to uninstall it it but I ...
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Cannot select "Start now" on a dialog when using app to do screen capture on Marshmallow

I just upgraded my new Moto G3 to Marshmallow and noticed that both of my screen capture apps (AZ Screen Recorder and Lollipop Screen Recorder) no longer worked. I kept getting stuck at one dialog ...
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Why aren't these UI "hacks" more often exploited?

What I'm talking about: Facebook publishes a standalone app called Messenger on the Play Store. It's a chat app, for interactions with other Facebook users. It implements something called "chat ...
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