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Can I switch off the automatic volume-down for the 3.5 jack?

I use the headphone socket to plug my device into the car speakers and listen to podcasts while I'm driving. The only way this works is if the device's volume level is on full loudness. You can't hear ...
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How to make PC work as Bluetooth headphones with Android devices?

I use my Android tablet/phone as a second screen and play media on it (YouTube videos, music, etc.) and send the audio to my PC where I listen to it through headphones. I use the application "...
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how to playback same mp3/audio file in a loop with reduced playback speed

I have downloaded a bunch of audio files. Sometimes I need to play an individual file in a loop several times, with a slower speed, e.g. 0.8. At the moment I use Google Files, I open Downloads folder, ...
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What determines the audio source android resumes?

I'm looking for information on what criteria is used when android resumes an audio source. The more technical the better. I would have assumed it was whatever the last playing source was, but that ...
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App Audio Mixer for Samsung Dex

Is there an audio mixer setting to adjust the audio volume of individual open apps, like there is on Windows, built into Samsung Dex? Or do I need a 3rd party app for this?
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How to have a different input/output audio source

I have a one plus pro 8. It has excellent microphone (output) noise cancelling. I also have a Bose quiet comfort 35 II which has excellent noise (input) cancelling as well. My problem is they when I ...
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Chose which player is activated by headphones play/pause buttons

I have 3 pairs of Bluetooth headphones: Sony WH-1000xm4 Jabra Elite Active 65t Cardo PacTack bold (motorcycle communicator, works as Bluetooth headset) On my Pixel 5 I have 2 sound players installed:...
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How to activate internal mic during phone calls when using headphones with a USB-C to audio dongle?

I would like to use my Samsung Galaxy S20 phone with my quality studio headphones for phone calls. Since the device does not have a 3.5 mm audio socket, I am using a USB-C to 3.5 mm dongle. The ...
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