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I can not import IDs or restore my accounts from Microsoft Authenticator - How I can fix this?

Because of a problem I need to import IDs and I entered the 12 words recovery phrase as one long string but I always get error from jwt file say file is encrypted. I tried also to use my main email ...
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I cannot sync time with Microsoft Authentication app

I can not log in with 2FA from Microsoft Authenticator. Although the time is correct on my Android phone, when I use the authenticator app, I can not log in to my sites. It displays the wrong code. ...
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Export accounts from Microsoft Authenticator

I have Google Authenticator and Microsoft Authenticator. I want to move both off my main phone and onto two backup phones, mainly in case my main phone is ever lost or stolen. Walking around with all ...
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Is it possible to restore the data of Microsoft Authenticator from a TWRP backup?

After installing the latest LineageOS update on my phone, unfortunately, my phone boot looped, so I made a backup using TWRP, and I did a clean install of the latest version of LineageOS, attempting ...
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How to get rid of Microsoft Authenticator?

I have Office 365 subscription and it works well. However, I got the Microsoft Authenticator app installed on my Samsung Galaxy and it got my Outlook account added there. I have no idea how that ...
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